Join Patti Shelton M.D. and Nicole Stremlow Monahan on one of their upcoming retreats at locations selected with relaxation, Art, Yoga, and amazing unique cultural elements  in mind.  Each retreat is planned for your enjoyment traveling to culturaly rich areas full of amazing adventure. Group sizes are kept at a minimum so that we can better experiance the local flare and for a more personal, relaxing Yoga and Art experiance. As a small group you will connect with the other attendees creating your own special tribe and return home with new friends, rejuvenated not exhusted. These trips are all-inclusive so you can spend your time enjoying life and not worrying about money or travel plans. Let Patti and Nicole take care of that for you!

Thank you for an awesome experience with a wonderful group of people. It couldn't have been better. I will follow you anywhere.


Thank you, Nicole and Patti, for bringing together a wonderful week filled with thrills, yoga, art, wildlife, wild laughter,WONDERFUL ...FOOD!, sunshine, that delightfully/naturally self-restoring and restorative setting, and all the wonderfully interesting folks you brought together there!


This has been awesome trip and a wonderful group of people to share it with. It was  enlightening and inspiring. I feel fortunate to have been a part of it.  Thank you.


 Waking up to the holler monkeys is Awesome! The sounds, the sights, the smells. The fabulous food, great company and awesome leaders Patti Shelton and Nicole Stremlow-Monahan. Yoga and art!!! 


I enjoyed my time with you(Nicole)....your gentle and unassuming spirit was fabulous and I thank you for it! 


thank you so much for a wonderful time. I treasure the time we spent together in such a magical place. 



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costa rica drawing class
costa rica drawing class