Yoga Instructor Dr. Patti Shelton


I'm deeply immersed in the study of the human body.  I studied at the University of Washington, receiving a Bachelor's in Neurobiology and then a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

I have found that the study of the human body can be a gateway into meditation and deeper contemplation.  We're wonderfully complex creatures, full of mysteries.  To appreciate this fully is to experience the same sense of wonder that a sunset or an ocean can evoke. I did my first yoga teacher training with former Buddhist monk Seongyoon Lee of Yoon's Yoga Bliss, and then became certified to teach yoga with Ali Valdez of Sattva Yoga.  I've also become certified to teach yoga to kids with Liz Doyle of Little Friends Yoga, and to pregnant women and new mothers with Anne Phyfe Palmer of 8 Limbs Yoga.  Now I'm studying meditation (including techniques for teaching meditation classes, small groups, and private meditation coaching sessions), with Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, both celebrated authors and meditation guides.  Through all of these practices, I unite body, mind, and spirit into the unified flow of life. I love human connection.  My 6-year-old daughter and my 9-year-old son continually teach me more about curiosity and wonder.  My relationships with my husband, parents, other family, and friends encourage me to dive in to that web of connection that unites us all. I celebrate life!  You too?  Let's explore together.

Art Instructor Nicole Stremlow Monahan


Nicole is a Children’s Book Illustrator and Fine Artist who also offers art classes for both children and adults in her creek-side studio, surrounded by ferns and evergreens, on the outskirts of Seattle.


After many years as an Architect and then directing a Seattle Art Gallery, Nicole decided to focus on her passion for illustrating children’s books and teaching art in her studio.


For Nicole, this lifelong journey with art began in childhood, where she spent countless hours pouring over children’s books in her mother’s book store. From painting a mural on the wall of her childhood home, to building in her father’s workshop, Nicole’s parents fostered her love of creativity and today, Nicole enjoys helping others find their inspiration and artistic nature. 


In her personal time, Nicole enjoys the active outdoor lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest with the company of her husband,  3 sweet kids, and the wide variety of pets they love, including 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 lizards, 1 turtle, 2 goats, 3 chickens, fish, and a beloved duck who wags her tail when she meets someone new. Every one of them provide a lot of inspiration and models for Illustrations.


Learn more about Nicole and her services at her web site