The following is an extensive list of items you may want to bring. if you wish to pack lighter to accommodate carry-on only luggage simplify as you see fit. 


*The Hotel is plush with many comforts, there is electricity. You will need a converter for electrical outlets.

*Your art pack provided by us and any yoga gear you love. Mats are provided there.

*sunglasses, sunscreen, hat


*Comfortable shoes. One pair of comfy sandals, flip flops, and one pair for walking/hiking shoes. I really like Keens for all purpose travel shoe.

*Dress in loose layers for warm days, cold nights i.e. t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, even a light jacket. We will have some city time, small village time, and in the countryside time. Quick dry pants that zip off at the knee or skirts is good.

*A scarf is good to give warmth at night, sun protection during the day, and showing respect when entering a mosque. 


*swim suit

*Cross body or belt bags to detour theft 

*Travel sized tissue for toilet paper. Some facilities do not have any. 

*camera, cords, extra battery, extra card

*kindle and/or books for down time

*chargers, devices, computer

*passport, plane tickets, vaccine records, drivers license, senior card for discounts, travel insurance, Contact list of people from our group, local map and guide book.

*Photocopies of vital documents – keep these separately (one at home and a copy emailed to yourself)

*flash light

*Leave some extra room in your bag or bring an extra (empty)bag for souvenirs. Pack light as there are baggage restrictions from Roma to Sardinia

*Packing cubes help keep your packing tidy while compressing your items.

*Imodium, Electrolyte tablets, bug spray, hand sanitizer, charcoal tablets, your familiar products/meds, glasses, contacts. 

*Socks to keep feet warm at night and on cold floors


take out money from the ATM when you get there. Make sure you keep your receipts, as you'll need them to convert your left-over cash back into your own currency when you leave if your bills are in anything less than perfect condition, then the exchange service may be reluctant to take them. 

Bring cash with you - Credit and debit cards aren’t widely used outside of the cities. 

ATMs are common in Italy and accept the major card providers. However, at busy periods, cash machines may be out of service until they are restocked, so don’t wait until you’re desperate for currency.

Notify your bank and credit cards of your trip